Nathan & Katie – An island Hideaway


I had done a little bit of research before I came across Josh from White Pearl Photography.

I loved what I saw on the website and decided to give him a call. We met with Josh and instantly knew he was the right photographer for us. On the day of the wedding Josh arrived and was so calm and relaxed it made us girls feel very at ease, and the words from Nath were “He was just like one of the boys”. A dear friend of ours once told us that “The only thing you walk away with from your wedding is a ring and photos”, and we are so glad that we choose Josh to capture moments we will never forget!

How You Met

Nathan and I met 8 years ago whilst he was up here on the Gold Coast for a holiday with mates from Melbourne. As soon as we started talking there was an instant connection, but because he lived in Melbourne I didn’t think anything of it. We exchanged numbers and I remember thinking to myself “He won’t call…what kind of guy wants a long distance relationship?!”.
He called the following day! We caught up and had a coffee before he boarded his flight back to Melbourne. Nath then waited 3 days before he called again and after a few trips back and forth on both our behalves the rest is history.

The Proposal

Oh gosh! Where do I start? I knew Nath had planned a weekend away for us and then my instinct kicked in and I knew he was going to ask me to marry him. As the weekend of our romantic weekend away drew closer I became more and more excited. We arrived at our hotel and had a lovely weekend but nothing happened! I was devastated to say the least. We got back home on the Sunday and while Nath went out, I invited my best friend over so I could whinge about the ‘non proposal’ weekend. When Nath came home he just started mowing the lawns and my friend and I had a few quiet wines before she went home for the rest of the afternoon. As Nath packed up the lawn mower he came over to me and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said YES! And it turns out he wanted to ask me to marry him when we were away but he hadn’t gotten the chance to ask my father first.

The Wedding Dress

My wedding dress was from The Bridal Company at Helensvale. As soon as I tried the dress on I was in Love!, but something wasn’t quite right. I really wanted my wedding dress to be somewhat sexy yet romantic, so I decided to have my dress altered by dropping the back line and taking the tulle out of the shoulder section. I ended up with the wedding dress of my dreams and couldn’t be happier.

Honeymoon Destination

Our honeymoon was spent on Hamilton Island with our 2 young children. Some people may think it wouldn’t be much of a honeymoon with kids there, but we wouldn’t have had it any other way! Hamilton island really caters for families with a great kids club and after hours baby sitters. Nath and I were able to do the family things by day and at night we sailed the Whitsundays!


I love flowers and I think they really help set the mood for your wedding. I chose to use B Sweet flowers and they were great! When the flowers arrived in the morning of the wedding, I was so blown away with how beautiful they were, that I cried! I would recommend anyone looking for a fantastic florist to use B Sweet.