Hi, I'm Josh!

I love mangoes, and occasionally wearing odd socks. Introvert, except when wearing my afro wig. 

Nickname = frog. Family man.

Shiraz, not merlot, white over dark chocolate. Coffee of course!

Embarrassingly huge Apple nerd.

Adventurer at heart, with a special fondness for stormy weather and cold landscapes.

My dream home is a treehouse in the mountains.

Hopeless romantic.

How I got into this...

As a kid I used to watch Dad tinker with his cameras, old tripods and many rolls of film that he had laying around, or “FILLEM”, as he used to call it! 😂

As a teenager, he told me stories of his photography exploits in the 1960’s. He would take his pet kangaroo on a leash, to Surfers Paradise beach, and when the tourist girls came up to pat it, he’d take their photo, attempt to chat them up, and sell them prints. 

He made money, went on many dates, and eventually one of those tourist girls was my Mum.

Mum & Dad, 1968
15 years on!

It wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s that I picked up a camera for myself. The camera and I swiped right…instant match! 

I spent countless hours taking photos of anything that moved, then tweaked and edited them on my old Apple computer.

I was always drawn to people, their emotions, and unique moments, and my love for photographic storytelling began.

This obsession lead me to the pinnacle of human emotions and moments…weddings, and in 2007, I shot my first one.

15 years and 780+ weddings later, the storytelling continues!