My Approach

As a wedding photographer, I walk a fine line. 

To be PROFESSIONAL, but always chillaxed. 

To let things FLOW, but subtly direct where needed. 

To be VISIBLE and INVISIBLE all at once. 

To LOOK for moments, but to SEE what’s important. 

But most of all, to make sure you’ll be FREE TO EXPERIENCE 

your beautiful wedding and get lost in the moment!

You be your awesome self, and I’ll tell the story.


Natural is Key

I know how weird it can feel to be in front of a camera. Heck, my childhood photos are the absolute worst!

I make things as laid back as possible, more like we’re hanging out, except I just happen to have a camera on me.

You don’t have to perform, you just need to relax, be in the moment, and  enjoy your wedding day with your soul mate. That way,  you come away with photos that resemble YOU and not some preconceived pose we saw on Pinterest.

Don’t worry…I got you! It’ll be easier than you think 😉

This is YOUR story

This is DEFINITELY not about ME! 

In other words, I’m not going to take photos with only my portfolio in mind. 

I’m a storyteller, a documentarian, and I approach each day with your unique story in mind. 

Yes, of course there’ll be prettiness, fantabulousness and “OMG i luuurrrrrvvve that shot!” photos, but at the core it’s all about…

your wedding story, real & honest.


15 years  |  780+ weddings  |  All unique

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes pics from over the years, kindly donated by bridesmaids & other wedding vendors.