Luke & Jordann – Intercontinental Resort, Gold Coast


Your wedding day is truly special, and one of the best days of your life. But like they say “time flies when you’re having fun”, so choosing your wedding photographer is very important. The photos capture the special moments of your day and are the memories you will both cherish forever. So for us, finding a good photographer was first on our wedding ‘to do’ list. 

We did not have to look far as Josh from White Pearl Photography came highly recommended by our wedding venue. After seeing Josh’s work, without a doubt, we agreed he was going to be our photographer!! On our wedding day working with him was such a privilege. He was so professional and helped the whole day run smoothly without any stress (and no stress is something every bride needs!). Josh also kept the atmosphere fun and enjoyable for the whole wedding party making the experience one we will always remember! After our wedding day we couldn’t wait to see the photos…we were that excited! 

So when our Josh showed us the images for the first time we were both speechless! They were even better than we’d imagined… they were ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! Josh really paid attention to detail and made sure the lighting and the angle of each photo was perfect. We loved every single shot, from the more traditional and elegant to the unique and artistic. Josh, thank you so much for all your hard work and for capturing the most magical moments on our wedding day!


I was so thrilled when Luke unexpectedly proposed at ‘the happiest place on earth’. Yes Disneyland! Our love for Disney films found us visiting the wonderful park quite a few times, however I was unaware this visit would be one to truly remember. At first I wanted to go on the rides but he was so persistent to get a photo in front of the princess castle that I finally accepted there was no changing his mind (luckily). As we stood in front of the castle ready to take a photo it suddenly became a fairy tale moment when he knelt down on one knee and popped the special question!

Wedding Venue

After looking around at other wedding venues we decided the ‘Intercontinental’ was a lovely place to have our wedding. Not only did they provide a beautiful chapel but also a wonderful reception venue for the after ceremony celebration. The chapel was truly magical and even with or without flowers it would still be just as stunning. The reception venue was a lovely large room that was beautifully decorated and the food was absolutely delicious!


We chose Robert Simmons to be our wedding celebrant, as he truly understood us both as a couple. When meeting with Robert for the first time we knew he was going to be fantastic! He was so calm and explained everything we needed to know and was always there to help if we had any questions or queries along the way. The rehearsal ceremony went so smoothly and everyone felt relaxed and excited for the real deal two days later. Finally the special day arrived when Luke and I stood face to face in the chapel and Robert helped us to feel calm and enjoy every minute of that very special moment. We were both thrilled to have Robert Simmons conduct our ceremony as he truly made our wedding day the most magical day to remember!


Choosing who will make your wedding cake can be a tough decision but after a little while of searching the Internet we found Tracy from ‘Sweet Sister Cakes’. Tracy provided us with many flavours to choose from but luckily we both fell in love with caramel and fruitcake covered with ivory icing. Tracy beautifully made the cake with so much detail from small diamantes to handmade flowers with a slight shade of soft pink. On our wedding day we were both excited and thrilled to see the cake for the first time. We thank Tracy from ‘Sweet Sister Cakes’ who created the wonderful wedding cake we loved inside and out!