Scott & Lisa – The Abbey, Gold Coast


We first came across White Pearl Photography at my sister’s wedding. We immediately liked how relaxed and friendly they were but also how focused on capturing every special moment. I did some research after that and was very impressed with their online gallery! Then we saw my sister’s photos and we were SOLD!! Her photos were spectacular! I set up a meeting with White Pearl straight away so that I was sure to be able to book my wedding in. I didn’t even give much thought to their price… we just knew we wanted them to capture our day, so when we did talk $$$ I was very pleasantly surprised at how reasonable their packages were compared to other quotes we had. After our meeting I left completely satisfied that they understood what we were looking for and that their style of photography would work best for us! On the wedding day, they most certainly did not disappoint! They covered every base, they were prepared and knew what shots they wanted as well as what shots I wanted! I will be recommending them to any brides I come across in the future! We were extremely happy! Thank you so much!!!

The Proposal

Scott had arranged what he was calling a “reunion BBQ” with some of our closest friends. I had been reluctant to attend with a two week old baby but as he was only home for a few days I relented and decided to go. Well our daughter SCREAMED the whole time! I was becoming more and more distressed with the whole situation and kept telling Scott that I wanted to go home, only to be told I had to wait until he gave a gift to his friend! When he finally did unwrap the gift and showed me I realised it was a proposal! He got down on one knee and in front of our friends and family he proposed! I managed to squeak out a yes between sobs! Then he partied with friends while I had to take our screaming baby home hahaha!

Wedding Dress

As soon as I was engaged I started hunting for the perfect dress! I found a dress that I had loved about 12 months after we first got engaged! It was a Maggie Sottero gown called Jesslyn and it was beautiful. I kept the details as we weren’t ready to set a date back then and sort of forgot about the wedding for the next 12 months! We finally chose our date and I started hunting again. I could find nothing!!! None of the dresses around were what I liked and I kept coming back to the dress I had found a couple of years earlier!! When I went back to the store to try it on again they informed me that they no longer had the demo to try on and that if I still wanted it I would have to order it from the memory I had of what it looked like 2 years earlier!
I debated for a while but I didn’t like anything else so I took the risk and ordered it! When it arrived I remembered why it had stuck with me for so long!! It was Ah-Maz-ing!!!! I loved it even more than I did back then and I got sooooooo many compliments on the day!!

The Celebrant

Our celebrant was Ann Dally. I have one word to say to Ann – Phenomenal! Ann wrote a beautiful yet funny and entertaining ceremony that all our guests commented on throughout the night! She had tips for us on EVERYTHING! She came prepared with lollies for the groom to suck on before I arrived as his mouth dried out so much! She went above and beyond the call of a celebrant and it was clear to see that weddings are truly her passion! The moments she created for us with her beautiful words and uplifting ceremony made it the best day of our lives! We are soooo very grateful to Ann!

The Venue

Choosing the venue was hard! We didn’t really know what we wanted! We knew we had a lot of guests and we knew we didn’t want a beach wedding and that was about it! After searching and searching, our celebrant took us out to a place called ‘The Abbey’ at Cobaki Lakes. We instantly fell in love with the little open air chapel! The setting was perfect for us and the rustic feel of the place made a beautiful yet relatively cheap theme to stick with for the wedding! It wasn’t until our wedding day though that we realised just how fantastic this place actually was!! The food was phenomenal and there was sooooooo much of it! The reception hall looked like it was straight out of a magazine and the service was second to none! We had everything taken care of for us and everyone told us it was the best wedding they had ever been to! We couldn’t have been happier, their value for money was unbelievable! Highest highest highest recommendations!